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Generally, all our vehicles comes with a complimentary 3 months warranty, unless not specifically stated. Warranties can be extended and or upgraded at an extra costs, but only at the point of sale. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Purchasing a Vehicle?

When you purchase a vehicle from us you will have to provide ID (passport, driving license or a utility bill will do) at the point of sale, this will not apply if you have purchased from us in the last two years. This rule has been made law by the Government and not us, this law is to try and combat vehicle crime and tractability of the owner by the DVLA.

Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Bank deposit, etc. Payment must clear before vehicle is released to the buyer. Vehicles can be reserved for maximum of 5 days if the buyer deposits a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the agreed price. For export and overseas buyers we can consider confirmed letters of credit.


Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit, Debit Card and Credit Card (Additional Charge Applicable). Payments must clear in full before any vehicle can be released to the buyer.

Unless otherwise stated, the vehicles do not bear MOT or TAX. We can on most occasions arrange MOT for the vehicles.
Just about every Insurer checks MOT before they pay out on a claim, this means that the cars will have been taxed & MOT'd at time of theft/accident etc. But the tax is personal to the owner & is not passed to us, the Insurer then usually retains the MOT, this being the only means that any Insurer has to make sure that a car is checked over before being used on the road again, however we do in some circumstances receive the MOTs and usually the V5 for all cat Ds and in some occasions cars are taxed, although if MOT documents are supplied it does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is roadworthy.


Generally we require a deposit to the sum of 10% of the value of the vehicle. This can however be adjusted according to the value of the vehicle. Please contact us to discuss this further. Deposit are non-refundable and will generally reserve the vehicle for up to 7 days. However, if necessary, the vehicle can be reserved for a longer period with prior agreement between us and the prospective buyer.


We do not currently offer any financial products such as a car loan or hire purchase. We are in the process of introducing this option in the near future. However, we do have a few companies who we have worked with in the past and we can of course refer the buyer for a non-obligation quote for financial products.

Road Tax, Insurance, Drive-Away, Delivery and Exports

Road Tax: Under the new Government Policies and Road Tax Rules, any current Road Tax on a vehicle expires at the date of sale. Buyers will have to purchase Road Tax for any vehicle prior to using it on the highway. The Government has however made it very easy by offering the option to Tax a Vehicle On-Line with much ease with the option to pay monthly via direct-debit. We are at hand to help the buyers through this process. 

Insurance: Buyers will usually arrange their own insurance by comparing various insurance quotes on-line or elsewhere. We can provide a 5 day drive-away insurance for those who meet specific requirements. This is subject to terms and conditions.

Delivery: We can have any vehicle delivered Nationally. We can also Export the vehicle Internationally and take care of the whole process. Please contact us with your specific requirements

What does Category A, B, C, & D?

Generally, all our vehicles are Fully HPI Clear, meaning they are free from outstanding Finance, not recorded on any adverse register, has not been deemed a total loss by insurers, etc.

On the odd occasion, if we do have a vehicle which has been recorded on the HPI register as a total-loss by the insurers, our listing for that particular vehicle will reflect this condition. Below, we have provided a brief overview and explanation of the types of Categories for Insurance Loss Vehicles.

Over 10 years ago, bona fide salvage dealers & Insurers agreed a code of practice to combat vehicle crime through categorising salvage by the extent of damage using codes Cat A, B, C, D for other cars that were not damaged enough to warrant recording. 

Seriously damaged vehicles (cat A & B) would only be sold as suitable for parts. Equally, genuinely repairable salvage (cat C & D) would be categorised as suitable for sale to repair.

A = Absolute junk - i.e. the costs of collection & processing exceed any return from
selling parts from the salvage.
B = Break for spares - i.e. the costs of collection & processing are less than the probable return from selling parts from the salvage.
C = Can be repaired, but the COR (Cost Of Repairs - at dealer retail price) exceeds PAV (Pre-Accident Value) May need a Vehicle Identity Check and or a New MOT.
D = Definitely repairable (& assessed cost of repair less than pre accident value). Sometimes cars with minor damage such as scratches can often be categorized as D. This is usually due to high costs of repairs quoted by main dealers for insurance repair quotes.
X = NOT recorded as damaged at HPI etc.

Do you have a website?


VAT: Cars do not attract VAT unless otherwise stated, the price you see is the price you pay plus any other service you acquire from us such as modifications, delivery, etc.

When do you get more cars in?

There are no particulars days when we get stock. Please check the website stock list for updates and or contact us.

Can you contact me when you get a certain car in?

Please contact us with your specific requirements and will endeavour to source you your dream car.

If the above hasn't answered your question, or If you have a question that has not been answered by the above, or require clarification, please contact us.

Thanks for your time and patience in helping us to help you.